Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fruit Cake

At extra foods I've had the pleasure of unloading and displaying about 25 boxes of various fruit cakes. So I've come to hate them a little bit. While putting them out today I used one to help me stand up and it made me think about the many uses of fruit cakes.

1. As already proven they can help you stand up when you are having a little trouble.
2. You can use as a yoga block or depending on if you get plain or nuts on top you've got 5-8 pound weights.
3. You could play various sports with them, like rugby and football.
4. They'd make great siding for a house. Brick is out, fruitcake is in.
5. Door stoppers.
6. Chew toy for your dog.

I'm sure there is plenty more that it is good for besides giving it to friends who will rewrap it and give it to their friends, but those are just a few that I thought of. I bet you are just dieing to go buy some fruit cake now. The possibilities are endless.

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Taylor Family said...

Your best post yet. It's about time you found a use for that garbage!