Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mommy of 3 part 2

Okay so here is the post about Clayton and Kami. These two are hilarious. So full of energy and basically up to any sort of game. And they just love eachother so much. Never have I seen a brother and sister that love to play with eachother as much as these 2. So here are a few snippets of what we've been up to.

We made Tie Dye Shirts. Clayton loves his so much. He told us he was going to wear it every day and when we said he'd need to wash it he replied in all seriousness. "No I don't, it's my shirt and I can do whatever I want" Well said clayton, hope mom agrees.
We went to Ivy creek and played around in the water, saw some turtles and fish, and hung from trees like little monkeys.
I let the 2 rugrats stay up late watching old Alvin and the chipmunks episodes and drinking milkshakes. They did the same thing the next night when nana came. We paid severely on Sunday. :-)
We played with waterballoons in the glorious virginia sun
Ate popsicles while we swung on swings.
Body portraits.
Played with the hose and then drew with chalk not on the sidewalk but their bodies.

I had such a blast in virginia. Number one thing I learned- being a mom is hard. But so rewarding. Every hug, I love you, or crying because you are leaving, makes all the chaos not so bad.

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Taylor Family said...

Chan, you were the best! The kids miss you like crazy. I love all the pics.