Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My week as a mommy part one.

For the last few days I've been playing mommy for my sisters kids while she went on a trip to china with her husband. It has been quite the adventure.
I've decided to break this into two parts. One part Lyssie, one part kami and clayton. First I'll start with lyssie. Lyssie is very attached to her mama and since I have become her surrogate mama she has treated me as such. Always calling my mama, crying when i leave, giving me cuddles, and so forth. I have loved it. Even when she is screaming in my ear cause she is so mad when she gives me a hug or a sweet little smile, it doesn't even matter. Here are 2 great stories about lyssie.
Alyssa has not been a fan of going to the bathroom with me. She holds her self to the last possible moment. It has caused for many stomach pains and tears. The other day me and my mother (who came to see the kids and help me out the last few days) were in marshalls shopping. Lyssie was running around saying mama looking for me and when she found me ran to me laughing, soon the laughter turned to whining and the next thing I knew something warm was running down my legs. So I pulled her off my hip and looked down to see pee all around me. Not a good thing. Because I had put her pull up in the church bag. So My mom, the life saver, cleaned up the mess. While I cleaned up lyssie. We bought her some new pants.
End of that story.
My mom gave Alyssa a bath and lyssie has a diaper rash so she'd put the cream on and my silly mom left it on the floor. When she went in to get alyssa this morning we found this
And here are just some pictures of lyssie. She is so beautiful and i just love her.
She put butt paste on her face and hair so it was pretty easy to style this way.

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Debbie said...

OH MY! What an adventure you have had! Sounds like so much fun though! You are a great little mommy!