Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catch up time

First things first.
I am now a 22 year old woman.
My birthday weekend in Rexburg was awesome.
I wager I had more fun in Rexburg for my birthday, then I would've in Canada.
My first night there I hung out with my good friend Tyler Minetto.
We went to the new frozen yogurt shop, Kiwi Loco.
(How many frozen yogurt/ice cream places could Rexburg possibly need?)
Then we went to a little game night in some warehouse outside of town.
We played murder in the dark.
It's like they knew it was my birthday weekend, cause I love that game.
One time someone tried to kill me but I crawled away.
In the process I ran into a few chairs and tables.
Result= A bruised eyelid and various sore spots on my forehead.

Despite that it was awesome. Especially when I was the murderer. I dominated

On Sunday my old room mates and I did newspaper nails and ate sweet pork. YUM

The rest of the night consisted of a picnic in the park, game of cranium, and the movie signs.

I don't know why but that's the only scary movie that can get me to jump and gasp.

The next day was my birthday.

I was a little apprehensive since I've never really liked birthdays.

My dear friend Kara Malan has helped reshape the way I look at birthdays.
She loves them. When it's her birthday month you can expect to hear her say "we have to play this game because it's my birthday month." or "Well it is my birthday month so..."
I love that about her.

Tyler took me for birthday lunch at Costa Vida. Then to
Jamba Juice where, since it was my birthday, I got free Jamba!
My sweet sister Madison wrote the most tender post.
Madison, Tyler, Ryan and I all hiked R mountain, which I've been wanting to do
since my first semester. Finally 3 years later.
After we had birthday breakfast for dinner.
Pancakes with strawberries and whip cream
Then it was like g's dairy knew it was my birthday as well cause they had a deal going on.
So of course we couldn't pass that up.
Next on the agenda was Walley ball. We played for almost 2 hours.
It was some of the best 2 hours of my life. So fun.
After that Ross brought by some birthday brownies.

Nothing like warm brownies at midnight.
To wrap up the birthday I went over to Sam's house and had a sleep over with her and Alena.
We feel asleep to Anastasia. I don't think any of us saw more then 5 mins.
Oh and guess what? 2.5 hours later I woke up so that I could be home in time for work.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
The lack of sleep was worth the fun.


Ben & Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Chanel, sounds like it was a good one! I wanted to see a pic of newspaper nails though, i saw a pic on pinterist, did they work?

Emme said...

sounds like you had tons of fun! rexburg really does grow on you. and jamba juice! oh how i miss jamba juice. i think there should be a law passed that every city should have at least one.

Mallory Dawn said...

Aww! I'm jealous, I wish I could go back to the Burg for my bday! Was R mountain any fun? I've wanted to do that one too

Taylor Family said...

Sounds like a great birthday. Is the Tyler that took you for yogurt and lunch also Madison's Tyler or do you both have your own Tyler?

chan said...

HAHA different tylers. Madison and I like to share but not that much

jaron said...

happy birthday chanel have a good summer