Monday, June 6, 2011

The cat came back

I feel like the cat who came back because she just couldn't stay away.
But I hope I'm not annoying like that cat and that people wished I'd gone away.
I've been to Rexburg 3 times in 6 weeks and if all goes according to plan I'll be returning in 2.

How did I go from HATING Rexburg to loving it so much?
All I know is I'm glad I've made that change.

My weekend there was pretty awesome.
I brought down some of the best things canada has to offer.
Puffed Wheat Squares
Coffee Crisp
Mr. Big
Ketchup Chips
All Dressed Chips

Some people weren't the biggest fan of the ketchup chips I quote "But they are no different then fries with Ketchup"..."If I want fries with ketchup I'll go get real fries with ketchup" Lame.
I just appreciate Dan for liking them so much.

Also the border hated me for some reason.
Usually I'm so lucky when it comes to crossing the border.
But this time they thought I was sketch.
I had to pull up to garage doors and get out while they searched my car and interrogated me.
After 15-20 mins of them proving to me they were large and in charge they gave me my keys back with no explanation at all. Just "Have a safe drive"...HUH?

Also I stopped at Wal-mart in Helena to get these 2 nail polish colors I absolutely adore.
But what do you know, they were out of those 2 colors!
What are the odds. AWESOME. Because they were out in Idaho as well.

Then I bought 7 single servings of G's dairy and filled up a cooler with ice.
They didn't survive the trip to Canada.
But I don't think I care to much.
They are in my freezer and I have every intention of eating them.
Judge me all you want.


AllyM said...

hahahahahaa oh my gosh. you DO not have a cooler of G's. You rock my world.

Melissa Stevens said...

That is AWESOME!!! I am jealous of all that ice cream. SO SMART!!! And I continue to be jealous of all the trips you get to make to the berg. Seriously, I didn't ever think Rexburg would be a place I would miss so much.

Ie Ling Gail said...

I love love love Canadian chocolate. When I went to Canada for Cassie's wedding, I bought $35 worth of chocolate...just for me. And...I'm a HUGE fan of ketchup chips. Canada has a lot of great things to offer.

jennica said...

Ok, i know you love rexburg, but you gotta make the extra 4 hour drive and make it to provo soon! Brian and I are coming up for July 1st week though probably! So at least I'll see you then! I MISS canadian everything. especially NIBS licorice. That's been hard for me lately. mwah!

Taylor Family said...

I loved your "large and in charge" line. I just have to ask, was it a lady? They're the worst I find.

Madison Beazer said...

ahahahaha oh my gosh I totally did copy your title! I was wondering where I heard it from so I looked up google which presented me with this hilarious clip. hahaha I feel dumb now, but I don't wanna change it.

chan said...

It was 2 men actually. I was surprised. Usually I can work my magic with them. JK!