Thursday, June 9, 2011

Note to Self

Dumbest Day EVER!
Let me explain why...

For my sumer awesome job as pool cashier I need to be first aid certified
Just in case I need to help save someone's life.
So I signed up for this weekend.
And have been dreading it...I mean really look forward to it.
Who doesn't love spending 18 hours of their weekend learning how to save people?
So I get there this morning and I was about 1 minute late
(first note to self- Always arrive 5 mins early to these things)
I walk in and the director is like oh we have one more have a seat.
Then a lovely lady from the front row says
"There's a spot in the front next to me!"
Awesome. You are just so sweet. I appreciate it.
Then the director says so as we talked about yesterday...
WHOA hold up.
"UH wait this isn't the first day? I swear I was told it was on friday and saturday"
"No, sorry. So you weren't hear at all yesterday were you?"
"You need to go to the front office and work something out with them"

I then took the walk of shame.
(second note to self. Never assume that just because the previous course you tried
to sign up with was on a weekend means all the other ones are as well)

Things didn't get better at the office.
The next session was full.
The one after I would be out of town
The next was a sat/sunday
The next for one day I'd be at summer games.
By the time I could actually go take the course it would be pointless.
I messed up big time.

To make matters worse I had driven in with Eric, who was working in Leth till 5.
So I thought I'd be stuck there.
All day with nothing to do.
Lucky for me my sister in law came to the rescue.
She drove the 45 mins to come pick me up.
In that time I took a nap.
And then I got home and went for a run.
And the sun is out finally.
I guess I take it back.
Maybe this isn't the dumbest day ever
This video also helps


Shelby Weston said...

hahahahahahahahaha that sounds like something I would do

Madison Beazer said...

hahahahahahahhaha that sounds like something I would do

Taylor Family said...

That cracks me up. How nice of Becky to rescue you!