Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm going to whine.
Why does it always seem like the one(s) you like doesn't like you and the one(s) you don't like like you. The one(s) you don't like always do nice things for you, like send you texts that tell you your beautiful or leave notes on your laptop telling you to have a great day. When they see you they light up and give you a hug and just want to sit around and talk to you despite how busy they are. They say all the right things and do all the right things that should make you fall in love with them, but yet, you just don't find yourself attracted to them.
Is it because they like you so much and do everything right?
Then you have the one(s) that you like but for some reason just don't like you. You find yourself looking at your phone every 10 mins hoping they've texted you, telling you how great you look or that they want to see you. You light up every time you see them and your day is suddenly better because you got to talk to them for a brief moment.
I can't help but feel that because they don't like me, it makes me like them more, cause I feel like I want to prove to them they should like me.
Why does this always seem to happen?
Why can't you both just like each other and it be easy, instead of playing all these dumb mind games so that they don't lose interest?
Love shouldn't be this hard.
At least I have these words to give me hope.


Anthony Asplund said...

Desire leaves us heartbroken; it wears us out. But, before you give up, think of the reason why you held on so long. And, giving up on someone doesn't always mean you're weak. Sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go:)

Britteny said...

I UNDERSTAND!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

jaron said...

i know how you feel chanel hang in there