Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bahama Mama

This christmas I went on a cruise to the Bahama's
It was fabulous.
I'd always heard about the food on cruises but I didn't believe it could be all that.
But it was all that. It felt like there was an endless supply of food and it was always something new. And so much fruit.
And lest we forget the frozen yogurt machine. I think I had 4 bowls for lunch one time.
Only down side was the motion of the ocean was not good for me.
After being home for a few days I still felt like I was on a boat.
We knew we were going to be real party animals when the first night on the boat we went to bed at 8:30... and got up 12 hours later.
If you look at my camera you would hardly know that we were even in the bahamas...
I think I have one picture of the ocean/beach.
We rented some scooters in Freeport which was the best thing we ever did. It was so fun just bombing around going where ever we wanted to.
In Nasa we just took buses where ever we wanted to go. It was kind of a chilly day so we laid on the beach for about an hour then we went to some caves, that we never ended up going inside cause some local guy tried to convince us he was hired by the government and we had to pay to go inside. So we just walked around looking at houses. who knew that the bahamas would have such big beautiful homes. We were really tempted to buzz the intercom and ask if we could come look around their house, but we were afraid they might be drug lord's. It wasn't a risk we were willing to take.
We also went over to atlantis. And mitch jumped off this bridge. The security at the bottom told him he could get a $100 fine. Then a bahamian girl was like that was the coolest thing ever do it again! do it again! And the security guy just looked at him and was like, Yah you should probably do that again. So he did.
The last day on the boat we spent traveling back home and it was such a beautiful day!
We just laid on the deck for a couple of hours, watched some movies, and went out to dinner.
And that was the cruise. Most people probably spend all day seeing all the tourist attractions, playing on the water slide on the boat, hitting up the casinos or dance parties, and all the other activities they have on. But nope not us, we did pretty much everything you could do in America.
You have to make do with the sleeping arrangements the airport gives you
Captain's dinner
Scooter ride. Eric tried to kill me multiple times.
About to embark on our cruise adventure. Sorry eric. My hair took over your face.
Only picture of the ocean and it doesn't even look that pretty.


jaron said...

chanel you like good in that black dresses wow haha ;) anyway i hope you and maddy had a great christmas in the bahamas

Anthony Asplund said...

Bahama Mama, looks like you had a blast! See you in Rexy soon!