Sunday, December 25, 2011

This christmas..

Okay I know christmas has long since passed and I should be writing about the new year and all my goals and aspirations but I just needed to post this last one about christmas at school.

This was probably the best Christmas I've ever had at school.
Our apartment was just beautiful.
I loved being inside of it.
Jessica and I slept underneath the tree about 14 times. It wasn't always the best sleep but it wa
s just magical. We even pulled a mattress out and slept in the Hallway twice.
Such great times.
Taking down christmas was the saddest thing ever. It took a lot of will power to start taking down all the snowflakes and lights.
Once it was all down but the tree we had some fun with our snowflakes.
And took some room mates pictures in front of the tree and opened up our stockings.
I'm going to miss these girls so much.

I don't know why we look happy. We had just taken down christmas!
Having a snowstorm in our apartment
Our awesome homemade sweaters
We made home made ice cream. It was comparable to G's dairy.
Last trip to g's dairy.
Sleeping underneath the christmas tree
Sleeping in the hallway. Surprisingly comfy. I wasn't squished or anything. I did bang my head once though.


jaron said...

same old chanel you've changed but not that much but a little which is good even i can see that. just one thing the biggest changes happen when you not looking ;):) just peace of advic to shair

Taylor Family said...

What about staying at our house (J/K)! I hope you have great roomates again this year.