Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's my party

In honor of my 23rd birthday today, I decided to do a post on 23 random facts about me that you may or may not know and most of you probably don't care to know, but I'm doing it anyway! (it's my birthday I can do what I want to)

1. Like my mother, I take eggs out of the cartons in patterns making sure that it's always balanced. (We just discovered that we both do this yesterday, that's why it's number 1)

2. I call chap stick, lip chap and get teased for it all the time. I thought everyone in the world called it that up until I went to school and people started pointing it out. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing, or maybe my friends didn't want to offend me by correcting me. Well they just did me a great disservice let me tell you that.

3. I really love to sleep with the covers over my head. Usually people can't even tell I'm in bed because you can't see any part of me.

4. If there isn't food in my mouth then there is gum in my mouth. I always feel the need to be chewing something and go crazy when I run out of gum.

5. When I type on a keyboard I use my left hand properly but when I use my right hand I use mostly my pointer and middle finger. I don't know why especially when it comes to the space bar since my thumb is resting right on it.

6. I've never had an energy drink. Nor do I ever plan on having one.

7. Call my crazy but I've never seen any of the star wars or Lord of the Rings movies. And I've only seen Harry Potter 1,2,3, and 7. Don't hate me.

8. I don't like to apply my toothpaste directly to my tooth brush. If it's my own tube I put it straight on my tongue. If it's someone elses then I put it on my finger. By applying it on my tongue I figure it keeps other people from using my tube if they ever see me do it.

9. I don't like to set my alarm to be set on multiple of fives.

See what I mean. 8:03 9:04 2:07 7:11 2:27 and 4:11

10. When I get out bread whether it's to make a sandwich or a piece of toast 9 out of 10 times I bite the corner of the bread off to eat while I wait. Apparently I need some instant gratification for my hunger.

11. I really enjoy cinnamon. It's just the spice of life for me. I put it on my cereal, on my ice cream, in my yogurt, on my banana with peanut butter, in my my get the picture.

12. When I was a kid I was deathly afraid of linoleum. But only when I had bare feet.

13. I like ground beef but I don't like it in the 2 most common ways. I will not eat it in a taco/burrito/chimichanga or as a hamburger. I know that's the most common and loved way of normal people. When I'm in the states I blame it on being Canadian.

14. I can't drink milk plain. I don't like putting it up to my mouth cause it makes the glass smell funny and then I think that makes it taste worse.

15. I think I'm part of the 3% of the world that likes black licorice. Whether it's ice cream, jube jube's, jelly beans or the licorice it's self I will choose it over any flavor (Even red!). It works out great for me because nobody ever likes the black ones so more for me.

16. I color coordinate my closet. It makes finding what I want to wear so easy. I'm actually amazed that I actually keep it that way. Organization was never really my thing.

17. Its really hard for me to not have lotion on my hands. Even when I was young it drove me crazy. I remember in the 4th grade washing my hands, not having lotion to put on after and then I had to take a test. I kept licking the side of my hand because I didn't like the feeling of it rubbing against the paper and licking it just moistened it right up.

18. 50's and 60's music will always remind me of my dad and Texas. It was our number one thing to listen to on those long drives and we'd harmonize to the Everly Brothers "All you have to do is dream" and belt out "Build me up Buttercup" I still love the oldies and often choose to listen to them over other music. It's just so peepy, clean, and catchy. Win-win.

19. I love to look up meanings of words in the dictionary. Even if they are your common used words I still find it thrilling to look up the word and read all the definitions of it. Go ahead, call me a nerd. I won't even deny it.

20. I wash out my conditioner with cold water. I read once like 7 years ago that it was good for your hair and made it more smooth. So ever since then I think I can count on one hand how many times I've washed it with warm water.

21. I've only broken one bone and that was my arm when I was two.

22. I actually don't really like birthdays. My family was never birthday people, it's not uncommon for my parents to not even wish me happy birthday until the end of the night. And a family tradition is on your birthday you get a dairy queen cake. Usually mine always said Happy Birthday Chantel. Can you see why I don't love birthdays, or at least mine? JK.

23. Thank goodness I'm not any older. I've had a hard time coming up with these random facts. I don't even know what else to say about me besides that I'm 23 and I still feel like I'm 16 and I'm pretty sure I still look like I'm 14. I hope I feel and look this way for a LOOOONNNGGG time.

Happy Birthday to Me


AllyM said...

I love this. Love you. HAPPPYYY Birthday:):)

Taylor Family said...

I'm the same way with Eggs, Clayton sleeps with his head covered, I always take a part of the crust of the bread to eat while I wait, and I remember someway we're the same with whatever #10 was as well. Too fun! Happy Birthday. The kids are so excited to call you!

jennica said...

LOVED this.
-I call chap stick, lip chap too.
-I chew gum ALL day (weird considering your dad's relationship with gum)
-never had an energy drink,
-i totally put the toothpaste right in my mouth and squeeze! so much more efficient, but i gross everyone who sees me. meh.
-oh my gosh you have an iphone since when? my favorte is 6:37am because that means i may get out of bed by 6:40!
-i also love ground beef, but hate hate beef taco's and will also not eat hamburgers! (only in spaghetti really)!
-totally color coordinate my closet.
-50s music reminds me of you.. "whenever i want you all i have to do.. is ..dream dream dream dreeam.. dreaam"

what the heck. are we besties or what? i didn't even know we had all of this in common!! hahahaha. happy birthday friend! im leaving this weekend but i need to talk soon. SKYPE SESH.

Ranae Broadhead said...

def call it lip chap!

simply jane said...

Jennica puts the toothpaste right into her mouth too. Also. I'm quite convinced I discovered that you push the space bar with your pointer finger instead of your thumb.
Happy Birthday! =)

tessa may said...

haha i never set my alarm at intervals of five either! and i call it lip chap. and happy late birthday!