Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 Okay well I've been home for about 3 weeks now but still am not finished with California.
But this will be my last one. 
Thank Goodness. 
Then maybe I'll actually write about someone else.
So our last weekend in Cali we went to Monterey again.
On the way down we stopped at the Oakland Temple.
The grounds are so beautiful same with the inside.
The whole thing was just beautiful. 

 We went on a road called 17 mile drive. It's where 3 of the biggest golf courses are. Like PGA golf courses. So the houses on this road are huge and beautiful and worth millions. This is the view of many of the home owners. So jealous.
We had a picnic on the beach at sunset. Romantic right? Do not be deceived by the fact that we were in California and that it looks nice outside. It was freezing cold. And to make matters worse, look at that sunset! What the heck. I froze my butt off for that? I guess it's all about the experience or something.

 The last day was spent on the beach. Again, just because we were in our bathing suits does not mean it was nice outside. When the wind wasn't blowing it was nice. But when we got that ocean breeze it felt like winter. We pretty much didn't move from our towel.

Mitch did a good job of introducing me to a lot of his friends and we had a great time together. We went to the town Carmel. Full of nice little art galleries and gift shops.
We went to dinner at this cute little restaurant. Probably some of the best service ever and you know their food was good and expensive because the portion sizes could feed a mouse.  When they brought out our plates these words were spoken "I know I could comfortably eat dessert." Which we did! It was such a delicious meal. 
We tried to catch the sunset that night. TRIED is the key word. We were walking towards the beach and could see it going down. From where we were we could tell it was BEAUTIFUL. But as our luck would have it by the time we got down the the beach the sun went behind a piece of land that jutted out. So the sun set was finished. Didn't stop us from sitting up in a tree though and just admiring the ocean. But again, it was freezing! It blows my mind cause it's nice during the day but once 6 oclock hits it's like we go back a couple of months in time and it's January.
How often are you driving on the high way and have a guy dressed in green, on a matching green motorcycle, and pose for you. He gave us the pursed lip nod every time he or I drove past each other. Which was many times because we thought it was soo funny. He definitely gave us a good one for the camera.

And there you have it people. That was california.


Boy said...

NO WAY! We stayed in Carmel over Spring Break when we went!! That's where Brian's mom lives. We were there for almost 3 days. Enjoyed the 17 mile drive. Ate at Pebble Beach, had an awesome time in that little town. BUUUUUUUT the water was freezing when we decided to storm the ocean.

jaron said...

chanel i love your dress the yellow top and the blue and white stripped skrt and i like the photo with you hair brushed to one side just beautiful :)