Friday, April 25, 2014

Sienna is getting better!

Today Sienna got her dye test. They gave her a liquid dye in a bottle, which she loved. The nurses said they had to pretty much pry it out of her mouth she liked it so much. After they gave her the dye I assume they did some sort of X-ray on her chest to see if the dye had leaked out of her esophagus. Matt and I were so anxious to find out the results. I fell asleep for about 20-30 mins but it was very restless as any noise coming from the hallway woke me up as I hoped it was them returning with her and telling us good news. Finally after an hour they came back and told us that while they hadn't heard it officially from the surgeons from what they say there were no leaks. So we felt really good but still had to wait to hear the official word, which in the end was that she didn't have any leaks. Tonight they will start feeding her about 5ml every 4 hours. They are giving her a small amount so that they can prime her stomach for real feeds and hopefully get he bowels moving. She hasn't pooped in 9 days, poor baby. Those are kind of the last things that need to be done before she comes home. At least I think and hope. :) 

Sienna is such a sweet baby. She has been more of a cry baby the last few days, but I guess that and sleeping is what babies do best. But all the nurses come in and tell us how beautiful and sweet she is and we have to agree. I love doing skin to skin with her and giving her kisses on the head and smelling her sweet baby smell. I can't wait for her to come home and be able to do this all day long without all the yucky cords all over and in her.

While it does stink that she is in the hospital but there are a few perks. I don't want anyone to think I am happy she is there when I say these things, but the circumstances are what they are so I might as well find some good in it.

-Matt and I have free baby sitters whenever we want
-My alarm is set with specific times to pump and I never have to stay up longer then 15 mins
-I only have to change about 1 diaper a day. I also haven't had to purchase diapers for her. Win win
-I will have a nice supply of breast milk in the freezer for when Matt and I want to go on a date.
-We get to stay at the Ronald McDonald house and have volunteers cook meals for us every night and eat the leftovers for lunch.
-We get free massages and have other fun activities planned for us by the RMH.

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EChubak said...

So glad she is getting better! I love reading all your updates. If you ever need anything while in calgary... we are only 10 min from where you guys are!