Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sienna week one.

Our little baby is over a week old! It's hard to believe that especially because I have only held her 3 times. Tomorrow marks my due date and I am glad she came early so that we could already have one week down of her being in a hospital and one week closer to coming home.
I was released from the hospital Thursday morning. I think my doctor took pity on me and let me out earlier then she normally would have so I could go see Sienna. Also, something important to mention, the morning after Sienna was born my doctor came to check up on me and baby. I explained to her about the esophagus and she was a little baffled and said that still doesn't explain why she stopped moving. She told me when she was pulling Sienna out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her feet, which may have stopped her from moving. But she would still be able to move her head and hands you would think. Anyway, we might never know why she stopped moving, i am just glad she is here safe and sound cause we don't know what could've happened had she stayed inside for a few more hours. 

On Thursday night Matt and I drove to Calgary. After getting lost a handful of times we finally got to the hospital. The nurse asked us if we had any questions as she was likely going in for surgery the next day. I asked if there was any chance I could hold her, as I hadn't yet. She said yes and got her all settled in my arms. I was mostly holding a pillow with a baby on top of it but it was certainly better then nothing.
                                    Before surgery

The next morning she went into surgery around 10. While I felt like everything was going to be 100% okay I was still nervous and thought about the few what ifs that could go wrong while in surgery. The doctor told us that she did beautifully and that everything went as well as they had hoped. Seriously, that doctor is a life saver and while I would never want her job it would be pretty amazing to be able to provide this kind of service for people. 

                                 After surgery.
They have to keep at least one of her arms restrained because she hates having the tubes in her mouth and nose. Can you blame her though? Having a tube going thru your nose and down your mouth probably isn't the most comfy thing in the world. I also think that the brown bandage stuff they have around her lips to keep that tube in place makes her kind of look like a monkey. She really is our monkey baby. She had all this junk on for about 2 days. Then we came and visited her and she looked like this...
At this point she still has the tube going thru her nose which will be used later to feed her breast milk thru and she still has an IV in her arm because she isn't drinking breast milk yet. So on this day which was I believe Monday the 21st, she got taken off oxygen, morphine, and off suction (they had to clear out her esophagus cause liquids still pooled a little). This was fantastic news. It was a step in the right direction and it has been nice going to the hospital everyday since and them saying she had a really good night. There is nothing new to report we are just waiting for Friday to do the esophogram. the esophogram is a big deal because this will tell us whether or not her esophagus is sealed up nice and tight. They will give her a liquid dye and they will look to see if the dye leaks out. If it doesn't, they can start feeding her breast milk and then it's pretty much home time! If it leaks out, we have to wait another week and redo the test. If it is still leaking the second time she will have to have surgery again to block off the leaks and so the process will begin again putting us in the hospital for probably a total of 2 months. So hopefully tomorrow shows positive results so that we can be one step closer to bringing her home! 

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jennica said...

Oh chan! She is so cute! I'm so sorry you can't just take her home, but you sound like you are doing well. Praying for you guys! Love you!