Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rexburg in T-56 hours

Yes, it's true I'm going to Rexburg for the weekend.


I've missed it so much.

There is just something about Rexburg that Cardston can't replace.

Here is a list of things I look forward to about rexburg

1. Madison Beazer. I can't wait to hug and talk about your past few days while eating a bag of frozen peas. ;)

2. Samantha Anderson. Her laugh, her jokes, her EVERYTHING

2. Painting nails with Sam.

3. Watching Harpers Island all night for a 3rd time.

4. G's DAIRY. I've been craving it for far to long.

5. Ridge APT 904 and 310 (thanks ally for clarifying the correct apt's. I thought long and hard and still couldn't come up with the correct ones :) )

6. Playing in Porter Park

7. Hiking R mountain.

8. Seeing as many friends as possible

9. Feeling the spirit of BYU-I

I feel like a child at Christmas.

I can't wait.


Madison Beazer said...

I kind of love how you mentioned me first...just sayin. :) oh I seriously cannot wait to talk to you over a bag of frozen peas! Most girls talk over a bowl of popcorn or chocolate, but not us. haha

AllyM said...

do you mean 904 and 310??? hahaha love you. also do you have a bf?

Melissa Stevens said...

oK I am just so jealous that you get to visit so often!!! Have fuN! enjoy some G's dairy for me!!!