Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi Blog it's me, Chanel

I feel like I have fallen off the blogging planet.
It's not because I have had a lack of things to blog about.
I really just haven't had time to blog.
Life has been way to full, which has it's ups and downs.
The ups being I went to Utah last weekend, went to ihop at 2 in the morning, went repelling, on a motorcycle ride, watched world of dance, visited and painting my nails with my best friend jennica, and got to see my family.
It was a great trip but it created a lot of downs for this last week.
I had an great lack of sleep, made worse by the fact I didn't do any homework, made worse by the fact I had 2 tests due at the end of the week. Oh and did I mention they were worth 80% ofmy grade? I think I had every reason to feel stressed this week.
But on the plus side. I got to celebrate a friends birthday, went to the driving range not once but twice, my mom came and visited (I have the best mom, she painted my fingers and toes AND massaged my feet while I studied), I did really well on my tests, got to go apple picking with my friend Samantha, and I watched an amazing General Relief Society Meeting.
After Sam and I had finished picking apples we were wandering around the gardens and found tons of raspberry patches. So we just started walking along reading the different types of berries and of course we had to try all the different kinds to find out which ones we liked.
As we were walking back we see a sign that says this "Please don't eat the raspberries, they are being collected as data for research"
We both are praying that we don't die from eating pesticides with unknown side effects.

Lastly I finished my latest painting. It's by the same guy as my last one. Leonid Afemov.
Every last one of his pictures are amazing.
Check them out because my reproduction doesn't do him justice.


Madison Beazer said...

holy crap Chanel! You've once again mastered one his paintings! how on earth do you do it? it seriously looks just like it.

Taylor Family said...

Good work Chan! I used to want to try to paint, but I don't think I could even come close to you mom and Madison! Someday I'll figure out a talent I have!

jennica said...

im so glad you came and visited utah! i love those weekends! and holy moley you are a talented artist! don't die from raspberries!

jaron said...

it looks really good to me nice job chanel