Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The good the bad and the Ugly

I had g's dairy for the first time this semester. Still delicious
My room mates are awesome.
I got into the classes I wanted, well for the most part.
I can still walk outside without a jacket.
I went to wal-mart and saw 5 people I hadn't seen since last semester. I love that.
G's dairy had a deal on their ice cream this week.
Woman's conference, CES fireside, and devotional all in 4 days. AMAZING.
Room mate dinner and game night with 904.
It's Wednesday, which means it's hump day!
I'm going to Utah this weekend. Mt. Timp you are mine!
There is a greater number of more attractive boys at BYUI this year.

( I couldn't decipher between what might just be bad and what might be ugly)
I lost $12 at G's. I hope I answered someone's prayers.
I have so much reading to do and outlines to write (so why am I blogging?)
BYUI has WAY too much construction going on at one time. Big detours to get to class.
Come winter I'm really going to hate the walk from the Clark to the Ridge. SO LONG.
The internet at the ridge might be worse then Tuscany and I didn't think that was possible.
I went to sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on my yogurt and the whole lid popped off. I mean I love cinnamon but that was a little too extreme.
While there is more attractive boys I have found a large part of them to be freshman.
I don't have a picture to upload with this and I need to end now and do homework.

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Madison Beazer said...

oh I do believe I like the fact that there are more attractive men at byu-i, though the majority of them being freshmen is a slight disappointment. oh I do hope the construction will be done by the time I get there. I found it sooo frustrating last semester.