Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chief Mountain Part 1 and 2

In case you haven't noticed... I love hiking.
I can't think of a better way to spend a day off.
Also as previously mentioned I love Chief Mountain.
It's the one hike I don't mind doing over and over again.
It's got so much variety to it.
Forests, hills, rock/boulder fields, shale, rock climbing, and thin ridges for a thrill.
It's seriously amazing.
Everyone should do it before you die.
And if you need a guide since there are no trails I'm your person.
You'd be doing me a favor.

Anyway both times have been interesting.
Reflect back to my post about timing being everything.
Both times we've done this hike, timing has been everything.
The first time we met up with an extraordinary man named Lou,
We met him about 2 hours into our hike and he was coming in from a different direction.
Hello timing?
I'm sure he would've been fine finding his way up the mountain, but he was certainly thankful that we were there to help guide him and also shave off a 2 hours extra on his hike back down.
He was a 60 year old man whose hiked every trail and Glacier and has done many many mountains. I just got a letter from him today with some pictures he took of us and the cutest note. He wants to do another hike with us. Sweet right?
Second time we met up with a group of 4 kids our age at the very beginning. (timing)
They had never gone and were happy to have some guidance.
At the same place we met Lou we met an asian who called himself Butters....?
Turns out him and Eric (old exchange student) went to the same school in Taiwan.
Coincidence? I doubt it.
Timing? Perfect.
If we hadn't arrived at the same time as the group of kids we would never have seen them.
If we hadn't stopped for as long of water and picture breaks we never would've met up with butters, who is now coming to church with Eric.
Timing is amazing.
Like I said before they are simple reminders that the Lord is mindful of everyone.
I hope that my group being LDS left a good impression on the others we joined up with and that they'll always have a positive feeling towards LDS members, especially if they ever come in contact with the missionaries.
Okay here are some pictures.
And sorry for the lack of group pictures. It seems everyone has their camera so I don't pull out mine for the group shots and then it almost looks like I hiked by myself with a personal photographer.
Do you see the chief in the mountain. His side profile is the top of the mountain.
At the very top! Highest point 9567...or some number like that
The gang before Lou
Second round. Planking on a mountain
A little yoga to start off the day.