Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brown, mousy, Green...

I dyed my hair brown...ish
It's got some blonde and auburn highlights on the top layers.
Right now I'm indecisive on if I like it.
Heres the thing.
I really like the top of it. It looks really pretty.
But of course the top and the bottom can never look the same.
Hair doens't work that way.
So the blonde becomes more dispersed in the brown and the bottom.
Yellow+Brown= Poop green.
At least that's how it feels in certain lighting?
And if doesn't look poop green it looks mousy brown. Neither are flattering.

People say it looks nice but really you aren'y going to tell someone you don't like their hair.
Also, girls tend to like me with darker hair, but boys like it blonde.
And I'm not trying to please girls. I value their opinion more then boys but if boys like my hair blonde then I feel like it should be blonde, cause they like it.

But then I read a little quote that went someone like this
"I hate it when girls dye their hair. Why are they trying to be something they are not?
I'm a fake.
I should just want to be me.
And that me has naturally brown hair.
My advice for any young girl. Never dye your hair. You can't ever go back.
Okay maybe I'm being a bit dramatic with this whole post.
But I can't wait for my hair to fade a little bit... then maybe the brown will look brown.
Anyway here are some before and after pictures.

Before as in over a year ago, but it's blonde hair okay.
Notice the bottom. Ugly brown.

I'm open to criticisms of both.


Emme said...

so sorry. bad hair dyeing experiences really suck. i've had almost every colour but i'm now back to my natural colour and it's awesome. generally natural is what's most flattering. God gave you the colour for a reason :) i died my hair dark once and just stopped touching up my roots and pretty soon it all faded into my natural hair colour. i have no idea how it happened but it worked. good luck!

jennica said...

um you are beautiful either way! it doesnt' look brown or mousy or green you crazy! love you!

jaron said...

wow so beautiful

Anthony Asplund said...

you can't please everyone, so why not just please who's opinion matters most... you!

jaron said...

your beautiful no matter your hair color k