Tuesday, September 13, 2011

opps monday came and went

I started school yesterday.
It was just kind of busy and stressful because yet again this year my schedule kept falling through.
Wonder what's in store this semester.
Anyway in my haste to get my schedule figured out, for to the ward opening social and complete some homework I totally forgot about music monday.
But I have a good one.
Seems appropriate since it talks about summer and the care free days it brings.
Yesterday ended my summer and with it brought cares and stress of school.
Summer come back.


Anthony Asplund said...

ha, I know how you feel. My schedule is pretty messed up, too. Hope it all turns out well for you!

Karli said...

Best of luck as you get back into school for the Fall! I always got a little too stressed trying to figure out the new schedule/routine each semester... hope you are having fun! I love you!