Monday, October 24, 2011

Does it get sweeter?

This blog post is dedicated to my sweet sister madison. I've dedicated posts to her before but she keeps doing things that remind me how awesome she is!
As you have probably noticed from how much complaining I've done on my blog my last week was particularly stressful along with all the ones previously.
Madison being so thoughtful wanted to do something nice for me just because I was being a baby!
She MADE me this earing holder book. She saw it on pintrest and knew it was something I'd like.
But it doesn't stop there. She then bought me 6 pairs of earings and 2 watches.
I don't know what I did to deserve such a great thoughtful sister.
She is always thinking of others.
She is more then willing to listen to me complain.
She gives the best shopping advice. When I go with her I buy so much more then when I'm by myself....Maybe this is a bad thing?
When we were young I remember making her cry and I just had the whole suck it up attitude.
But then if the roles were reversed she's always come and put her arms around me and try to comfort me. She is just so loving.
I miss her so much when I'm away at school.
It's like I'm without my best friend and I don't like that.


Madison Beazer said...

haha oh man we've dedicated so many posts to each other. I love us! I'm glad to hear that it's just as painful for you to be apart as it is for me. Can we be next door neighbors for life so will never have to be apart? I would love that. haha

jaron said...

ya maddy is the best :) chanel you have the best of the best

Taylor Family said...

You two are both so sweet to each other. Never let it end :)

Chelan said...

I want that watch!! SO CUTE!