Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Physically Impaired. Spiritually repaired.

So I've got two handicaps.
One is my foot and the other is my back.
Neither make walking or carrying a 10 pound backpack any fun.

This story my seem irrelevant but I promise it isn't. It's background!
Probably almost 2 years ago I dropped a casserole dish from about 6 ft high on my foot.
Sure it hurt but I went to bed and in the morning had forgotten it had even happened
Half way thru work the next day, my foot really starts to hurt and I'm trying to remember if I tripped at some point and kind of rolled my ankle cause I couldn't remember why it hurt.
Then I remembered the casserole dish
By the end of the night I was using crutches because I couldn't put any pressure on my foot it hurt so bad. But the weird thing was it wasn't swollen or bruised or anything.

So how that ties in to my foot problem now is that they other night I was putting on the lid to my water bottle.
It's a contigo so it has a bigger heavier lid then most water bottles.
It fell from my hands and headed for the floor.
So I stuck my foot out to break the fall.
In the 1.3 seconds it took to get from my hands to my foot I remember thinking I should just let it hit the ground. But that'll be loud so I'll use my foot to break the fall, there is no harm in that.
Same foot and same place as the casserole dish.
My room mate thinks I bruised my foot bone. I can also hear the grinding of tendons or something when I flex and unflex my toes.
Like I said walking around campus isn't any fun.

Next doing crossfit I did one of the moves wrong and used to much back and not enough legs and pulled a muscle, slipped a disc, threw out my back something along those lines. My left lower back is in constant pain. I got home and laid on a bag of frozen peas for an hour.
Not joking, I almost cried in every class I went to because I was so miserable sitting in the desks. I took a shower last night and noticed that I had two long blue veins running down both sides of my legs. It seriously freaked me out. I thought I might wake up paralyzed.

Anyway I know this has gotten long and I really don't mean to complain so much cause it could be worse, I could really be paralyzed or have no legs or something equally terrible.
So this temporary discomfort just makes me appreciate all that my body can do and encourages me to take better care of it.
My home teachers gave me a blessing and there were just things said in there that reminded me of how mindful the Lord is of me in every circumstance. It went beyond just blessing my back.
I know He knows me and knows what is best for me. I know He answers prayers and I know He has the power to heal anything whether it's a hurt back/foot, a broken heart, or a sorrowful spirit He is there for us and will help us if we ask. I'm so grateful for the tender mercies in my life and for moments like this. Even though it sucks and is painful I learn so much about the Savior and his hand in my life.
I love the gospel.


jaron said...

sorry for your pain chanel but your happy to be a child of god :)

Melissa Stevens said...

Wow that is quite the story. I'm so sorry for your pain. Thank you for the inspirational words, you are awesome, and I'll be seeing you um tomorrow! yep!

jennica said...

CHan! im so sorry you are so injured. I dropped a jar of salsa from karli's fridge and I remember it hurting FOREVER. those dang foot bones! i hope you feel better! Are you too injured to come to provo this weekend?!

Madison Beazer said...

umm I love/hate hearing this. I don't like hearing that your already stressful semester is now burdened with pain not only in your foot but in your back as well. So sad. And wish I could be there for you right now! but glad that you are turning it into a positive, spiritual experience! you are amazing! love you so much and miss you!

Karli said...

Oh chan! So many physical injuries as of late! But I love reading about how you are dealing with them so well and how you have sweethearts like Madison and your home teachers to help you smile and feel loved.