Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh where or where has my blogging time gone?

I seriously feel like I never have time to blog anymore.
And if I do I usually do on my blog for my class since that's worth a grade.
Sometimes I'm just so overwhelmed with school.
At the beginning of this week I didn't think I would survive.
But I'm still alive.

Last weekend Madison and Eric came down to Rexburg and picked me up and we continued on to Utah for General Conference weekend.
But before we left we went apple picking.
And got G's dairy twice.
And Utah was awesome.
We went bowling, watched "scary" movies, went shopping (bad but good), got kneaders french toast buffet (delicious) and of course watched general conference.
I miss Madison. I'm so excited to be room mates again in the winter

Oh and guess what made my day today?
It snowed.
I'm angry.
It ruins all the fall fun
Like straw mazes, the haunted mill, corn mazes, and walking to school in sweaters.
oh well it's was only a matter of time.


Madison Beazer said...

hahahaha sucker. i live in canada and it hasn't even snowed yet. But that's idaho weather for you. I was baking in the sun monday morning and in just three short days it snowed. sad. sad. sad. Also I miss you like crazy. I need you in my life daily.

Anthony Asplund said...

yeahhhh the snow is an unwelcome surprise. It's just gloomy. Good thing we have your awesome blog to brighten our day!

jaron said...

i think the reason that you don't blog that much is beacuse you busy like crazy busy which is not that bad at lest you spent the weekend with maddy that counts more then anything else would you say :)

Taylor Family said...

How was going to conference? I miss being close to SLC. Someday.