Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So I went on this date the other day.
And well this guy was kind of a piece of work.
I wish I could say it was just because he was nervous or something but I had talked to him a few times before and that was my first impression. I was just hoping he'd change it.
So starts off with him going to open my door, which is a nice gesture that I appreciate.
But it was locked so he had to walk over to his side to open it. Once there he said I'm not coming back over to open the door. I figure you can get it yourself.
(I really don't mind opening my door, I just didn't like his attitude when saying it)
Then we are sitting at guitars unplugged and he says I'm glad you weren't already busy tonight, but if you were I would've just asked another girl.
(Uhh.. yah I'm glad to, I also hope I wasn't the fourth girl on your list of options either.)
Throughout the night I don't know if he was trying to impress me with how hot and wanted he thinks he is. He told me about all these girls that wanted to date him and just wanted his body but he was like whoa we've only gone on one date I don't want you to be all over me.
(But guess who was trying to be all over me...)
Then when he's dropping me off he tell me that I'm really pretty....and if I wasn't he would've have asked me out.
Basically I felt like an object the whole night.
Another sense I get from him is that he plans on dominating the relationship.
I feel sorry for the poor woman he controls for eternity.
Thank goodness it won't be me.

Sorry for this post has zero value. And maybe you don't think it sounds that bad but you weren't on the date. My description might not do it justice.


jaron said...

wow he's full of himself thats what i think

Anthony Asplund said...

what a punk! haha you should have left to go to the bathroom and never gone back.

Melissa Stevens said...

Wow um what a jerk! I can't believe that! You should have ditched him and come with us!

Mallory Dawn said...

SO. LAME. I hated "dates" I would rather just hang out with a group and skip all the awkwardness.