Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I feel like I'm running around in giant circles.
I get to the end of the circle and feel like I can take a breath and enjoy the accomplishment.
But then it starts all over again.
I'm almost out of breath and energy....
In order to conserve energy I deactivated my facebook account for awhile.
It was just one of those dumb things that took up way to much of my time.
I couldn't start or finish the day without checking it and if was my go to when I felt like I needed a break...and 30 mins later started studying again.
Next to go is my cell phone.
Okay it's not literally going to go, but I think I'm going to shut it off for mass amounts of time this weekend so that it doesn't distract me.
Maybe some of you think I'm taking my studies a little to seriously and I should lighten up but I honestly feel so stressed when I think of all the homework and test I have due this coming week. By doing dumb things like going on facebook and texting people I probably waste about 2-4 hours everyday. That's valuable time I could take away from study and actually spend with people in person.
How much nicer would that be?
To re cap the past few days in case anyone cares to here what I've been up to (this is really mostly for my mom and adria)
On Friday I went to the Haunted Straw maze.
It was actually pretty freaky. I don't really get scared when people jump out at me I get most afraid when they keep following me after they jump out! It drives me insane to have them just breathing down my neck!
Then on Saturday I went to this beautiful mansion house.
It was located on a river bank, had a huge green yard and was complete with an indoor heated swimming pool. Hello fun.
Jessica and I watched Seven Brides for Seven brothers and no one can convince me that that show isn't AMAZING. I'm a sucker for impromptu singing about love and the mountains.
I love the sobbin' women and the barn dance.
Gideon is the cutest little red head of them all.
Then last night I went country dancing.
Pretty sure it's safe to say I have zero rhythm (I blame my father)
But it really was fun. And we got hot chocolate with frozen custard in it.
That my friends is an amazing combination and I bet it would taste equally awesome with just your average ice cream.
Okay enough blogging. Time to get back to the grind.


jaron said...

i thing you have a good idea to get off facebook for a wile. good luck with school chanel

Madison Beazer said...

Oh sister I wish you weren't so stressed! But it sounds like in the mix of all that stressfulness you are having a lot of fun. This mansion thing, I think you need to update me on and possibly take me too. yay? haha

Anthony Asplund said...

Hang in there Chan! :)