Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can I have your number? Please can I have it?

Weirdest thing just happened.
Kambri and I are sitting up stairs doing our homework like good school girls when the doorbell rings.
No one else is home (some people have social lives or something)
So we go down and open it and standing in front of us is a guy dressed as a cardboard robot.
I stop myself from laughing out loud and invite him in.
He thanks me for being really nice since no one else has been.
He then goes on to explain that he is there on behalf of a recycling initiative and encourages us to recycle. 
Me: What happens if we don't
Robot boy: Then you'll turn into a robot like me. I don't know how but you will.
ME: how we are suppose to do that since Rexburg isn't really recycle friendly. 
Robot Boy: Just burn it. Then laughs awkwardly.
Anyways if you'd like to support the initiative you can just write your numbers here.
And he proceeds to move his arm up and down his cardboard stomach.
Me: uh is this your way of getting our numbers?
Robot boy: Uhhh no it's just a way to show support... Wow that looks really nice (looking at our entertainment center)... Do you think you could grease my hinges in my arms?
Me: Sure, do you want me to get some butter out of the fridge?
Robot boy: (eyes go big) yah, uh. sure, uhm uhhh...
(I don't think he was expecting me to say any of these things and he did not know how to handle it)
He then proceeded to look around the house commenting on things he liked then said okay well I guess I'll go. Do you think you could open the door for me.
Me: Absolutely I'd have no problem doing that. (A.K.A it's time for you to get out of my house ya weirdo)
So we wished him good luck with getting other girls numbers.
The minute the door closed Kambri and I just laid on the floor laughing.
I wish I had gotten a picture.
I also wish I knew what was going on in this boys head as he came up with this idea. Like did he really think it would be a great way to get girls numbers? Maybe it was some sort of psychology experiment? 
Whatever it was it was weird and I don't know if I ever want it to happen again. Although it was entertaining and a nice break from homework....
Maybe next time it will just be some guy that despite the fact that he's dressed as a robot he'll be ridiculous good looking and cool.
Dream on right?

1 comment:

Boy said...

Some of us just don't buy a Social Psych book in order to get girls numbers.
But I guess dressing up as a robot is cool, too.
Only in Rexburg.