Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So not to complain or anything, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of my busiest and hardest semesters at school. And I've had some pretty busy and hard ones in the past.
I've been just a little stressed about it. I feel like in my head I keep re-organizing and planning out my days just so I can make sure I get everything done. Sometimes I just want to tell it to shut up so that I can actually enjoy life.
Some things that stress me out.
Presentations in class.
Making preset health and wellness goals to accomplish 5 days a week. 
(Must exercise for 30 mins 5 days a week then work on something either spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, or interpersonal everyday)
Making a 5-6 page detailed lesson plan. I'm talking listing all the materials needed, how I'll transition from activities, what I'll do to make kids interested, a list of how things could go wrong...etc. It's worth 30% of my grade and a bad lesson plan will mean a bad day at the elementary school with students who don't want to do anything I planned.
Then I have to spend about 12 hours every week at the elementary school executing these lesson plans.
(Thank goodness I don't have to plan them every time)
My job as a teachers assistant. He wants to give me extra hours. Good but bad thing.
Add on presentations for classes, 30 pages of reading most nights, tests, and quizzes and you've got my life.
I just want to have FUN.

Today was a wonderful day that helped me relax and be happy.
It was devotional, so I wore a dress because President Clark likes us to.
And honestly I wish I could wear that outfit everyday.
Never have I gotten so many compliments.
About 12 people told me they loved my outfit.
The professor I T.A. for told me that I looked really lovely.
A random boy came up to me in the Library and told me that I was really pretty. 
Yup, I felt so good today.
I took about a million pictures to try and get a picture of my outfit, but there must be something wrong with the lighting or my camera cause I swear I don't look like I did on my camera. I wish I would've kept some of those bad ones. Instead you'll just get an attempt of me trying to get a full shot of my outfit without looking horrendous. 
Yup that's as full shot as it gets people. Cause the farther away I stood from the camera the worse it got.

Then I got a package in the mail from Carson.
He sent me a little piece for home. It made my smile and reminded me to just calm down and enjoy life. It also made me miss home.

Then my room mate and I got a burnt and wax sealed letter from 2 guys asking to take us out to dinner.
Now we have to do something creative and fun to answer back. Ideas?

Then I went out and got frozen yogurt, which was such a needed break from writing this lesson plan.
It was just nice to go out and relax and talk to someone.
And the good news is, is that in the time it took me to get these pictures finally onto this blog post I finished my lesson plan. Guess i can go to bed now!

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