Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day

Today was the first day of school.
And for it being a Monday AND the first day of school it went really good.
That might be because I only had one class today.
A class about the American Epidemic (obesity) and how we can change it. So I'm pretty sure I'm going to really like it since it's about diet and exercise and disease.
Then I went and TAed for my old psychology professor. 
It feels good to be back there and without doing much he makes me feel a lot smarter then I am.
He trusts me to go thru the new textbook he's using and compare it to the one I used in his class and tell him what is good and bad about it. I feel like I'm taking the class all over again as he wants me to go thru each chapter and compare them. Not an easy task since they aren't even by the same Author or follow the same format. 

Good news is that I changed cell phone providers and I think I'm going to be a million times happier. 
T-mobile always gave me so much grief.
Also I got a new bank account. They didn't reject me luckily.
So everything seems to be falling into place.

Today a girl told me that I looked like Amy off of The secret life of the american teenager. 
Surprisingly a few people have told me that, which I'll totally accept cause I always thought she was pretty.
What do you think. Is she my doppelganger?

Look we are even wearing the same colorish. We are totally twins and she doesn't even know it.
Okay well that's it for today's update. I know it was completely boring and useless.
Oh wait one more thing. Today on the way to class Kambri and I stopped to talk to a friend and this guy comes up to us, on his bike, and says "Excuse me 'sisters' is this the smith building?"
As soon as he left we died laughing. 
Okay now I'm done. 

Happy monday.


Ranae Broadhead said...

you DEF look like amy off of secret life... congrats!

Sydney said...

You do look like her, but she is definitely a less hot version of you Chanel. That color looks fab on you. Good luck with school!

Boy said...

You share a fashion sense, and that I will admit, but you're much prettier.
and probably more sophisticated.
and funny.
and a host of other amazing attributes, I'm sure.