Saturday, September 8, 2012

pity party.

In the last ohhh I don't know 36 hours I feel like next to nothing has gone smoothly and worked out for me.
I feel like Alf Alfa in the little Rascals when he says "Then the clouds opened up and God said "I hate you Alf Alfa."
Okay not completely, but a little.
While I know these are all trivial things and it's actually a great opportunity for me to look back and realized how much God loves me and has blessed me, I'm still extremely frustrated over everything.

For starters. I go to pay for my apt parking pass. It's only $5 but guess what? They don't except cash or debit/credit. Only cheques. Who even uses cheque books these days? So I had to have a room mate write me a cheque so I could pay for it. Not really a big deal just frustrating.

Then I go to the bank to put money in my account. A little background is that being from Canada I don't always keep a ton of money in my account here, which I should since I spend more time here, Anyway when I left for home in June I had about $3 in my account. No biggie. About the end of July I wanted to buy a song off Amazon, but it wouldn't let me. I checked my online bank statement and it said I had $0 in my account. I was a little confused since I hadn't bought anything and didn't know how it had taken me perfectly to $0. I assumed it was just some charge from the bank and couldn't see anything in my bank statement that suggested otherwise. So I go to put money in but they tell me that my account has closed and they can't open a new one because I owe money. I'm a little confused on how that happened since I wasn't even in the states to spend the $3 I had in there and it was only a debit card. I wasn't able to over draw and go into the negatives. Of course the history on my online banking is cleared so I don't even have any proof or anything. Hopefully I can find a new bank to take me and my terrible credit on.

Then I got my cell phone working again. Someone had filed the wrong paper when I tried to get it deactivated back in june so they said I owed $100. So I had to get that figured out. Then I decided to just try and see how I would do on a 1500 texting plan. I knew I texted a lot but thought maybe that would be okay. WRONG. I got that plan yesterday and then this morning got a text that said I only had $5 worth left or texting. I then sent one text to a friend, which they never got, and haven't been able to text since. Online it says my balance is zero... Seriously I just keep getting more confused. One minute I had $5 left and the next I had nothing. Just like I once had $3 and then I had nothing.
Does this make sense to anyone? If so please explain it to me.

Next I tried to make it to my room mates wedding reception. My mom had thrown away her wedding invite so I didn't have the address and so I texted and emailed everyone I knew who might be going. Finally at like 4:00 I hear back from someone. I was in rexburg and had about 3.5 hours to get to utah before 9. I wasn't packed to go to utah, I didn't have anything to put my gift in, and I didn't know how to get there now that I had directions. I didn't leave rexburg until about 5:20 and I was about 5 mins too late. I got there after they had already gotten into their getaway car and were posing for pictures inside.
So upset.

And to top it off, I have an eye infection and left my glasses in Rexburg, so I'm forced to burn my eyes by wearing contacts or be blind. 

I pretty much just feel like I'm doing everything wrong and that I'm not suppose to be where I am right now. I don't expect things to be easy or always work out, but things have just been kind of ridiculous and frustrating. It's like, well if I was just still in Canada, none of this would've happened. But again they really are just small issues. No one is sick or dying. I haven't gotten into a car accident and a few other things have worked out just fine, I'm just focusing way to much on the bad.

So here is 5 things I've grateful for.

1. A summer job and for saving my money so that I can afford to pay for stupid cell phone plans and other mistakes I make involving money.
2. Jamba Juice and Kambri's mom. She brought me one right after the whole bank incident and it made me feel so much better.
3. The fact that I made it safely to Idaho and get to go to school and get a good education.
4. I have friends to text. Enough that I can use 1500 texts (incoming and outgoing) in one day.
5. Friends like Jennica and Brian who try to make me as comfortable as possible when I'm staying with them. And for Jennica letting me use everything of hers because in my haste to try and get to my room mates reception I forgot a lot of things.

Yup. I'm blessed. Pity party over.

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Boy said...

EVERYONE needs a pity party every once in a while. Without them we wouldn't enjoy REAL parties as much. :)
My mom has a book entitled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: and It's All Small Stuff" Good philosophy to live by, but certainly easier to say than to do.