Wednesday, October 13, 2010

heart's desire

*fly to california so I could cuddle with this cutest chubbiest bundle of joy.
*make my way to Tennessee to see this handsome young fellow.
*Fly down to georgia so I could be with these precious kids
Does it get cuter then this?

*Get whole family together sometime soon, cause I'm happiest when we are all together.
*Take my best friends (sorry jennica and karli but your husbands would be staying at home) and we'd go on a cruise or some sort of trip like we've always wanted.
None of this is to much to ask for right?


Taylor Family said...

I would love a big get together as well. It's been way too long!!!!!

Emme said...

wow you sure have some incredibly adorable neices and nephews! i agree, family is best when you're all together :)

jaron said...

i haven't seen your family for like 2 years it would be nice to see them again and the new family members :)