Thursday, October 21, 2010

mama said

When oh when will I learn to listen to my mother? Maybe once I experience everything she has told me not to do will I learn. I know my mom is always right and should listen but sometimes it takes first hand experiences to really learn because I always just think no, that happens to other people not me. Well it finally happened to me. Some things my mom taught me about painting my nails I used like, placing my nail polish and hand on top of a book so as to not get it on the furniture or myself. I just wasn't smart and used a binder so it was at a slant. And for the fact it was on my lap which isn't always a stable surface. Hence my nail polish bottle slid off my binder and flung a foot long streak of BRIGHT RED nail polish on our carpet. Why oh why did I pick bright red and not gold or brown? After my room mate and I got over the first initial shock and stopped running around screaming we got into action using about a whole bottle of nail polish remover and a couple cups of water and a lot of scrubbing the bright red streak is no more. I wish in my state of shock I'd thought to take a picture but I was more focused on saving my life and bank account from destruction.

Also I wanted to make a list of my favorite songs right now. I've seen a people do this and they've given me lots of great songs so I thought I'd give back whether they read my blog or not.

"king of anything" and "gonna get over you" by sara bareilles
airliner- julia shield and tyler ward
Live and Learn- the cardigans
Letters from the sky- civil twilight
solider- Ingrid Michaelson
Not too late- norah jones
white lies- stacy clark
shy that way- liz golden and jason mraz

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Taylor Family said...

the acetone didn't wreck the carpet? I'm amazed it came out. Good work!