Sunday, October 31, 2010

lucky me

Or not so lucky me. That's more realistic. On Friday my trusty LG crazer phone died. It was a sad day in my life. Saturday was another sad day when I had to drop big money for a new phone. When I think about how much money is spent on cell phones it's kind of ridiculous. I really wish they hadn't been invented, or that society didn't "think" they "needed" them so bad. For hundreds of years people have gotten by just fine without them. Now I spend more money each month to keep in contact with people then I do on clothes, sometimes groceries, or recreation. All so I can receive little messages or phone calls from people no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing. Joy.
And another side note on cell phones is that while texting and driving you are 6 times more impaired then a DRUNK DRIVER, and in 2008 6000 people died in car accidents and half a million more injured, all because someone was using a cell phone. Yup, I think the world was slightly better off without them.

Oh a lighter note. Yesterday I completely embarrassed myself. I had sent out an email VIA facebook to about 10-15 people telling them my phone situation and to text me their number. My dear friend jennica responded directly to the email and asked me how life was going. Without thinking I responded (luckily I didn't go into to much detail but mentioned a little about my dating life and things with my room mates) after I pressed send I realized that I had sent it to not only jennica, but the other 10-15 people I had emailed previously. Like I said lucky for me I never went into date details, like names, because some of the recipients were guys I'd gone on dates with. I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

That was my lucky weekend.


Taylor Family said...

Either you need to eat more or talk/text less if you spend more on cell phone than groceries :) Sorry about the phone, I hope you enjoy your new one.

jennica said...

HAHAHA. so funny. but seriously. nothing bad... you are one lucky girl. anyways i appreciated the update! i love you chan!

Becky Beazer said...

that IS embarrassing, yikes!

Madison Beazer said...

oh my word no way!! you are one lucky bum! but really that is hilarious! hahahaha I've done that before, except it wasn't anything of importance, so I was even more luckier. :) haha

Scott said...

I couldn't help but laugh. That darn Facebook!