Thursday, October 7, 2010

straw maze

Yesterday I went on a big group date to a straw maze. It was really fun. On the weekends the make it haunted. I can only imagine how scary that actually is, cause it was freaky enough when it wasn't. Me and Tyler were the first ones out. Thanks to my natural sense of direction. :)
And just so you know, I was wearing my poncho first. Then he copied me because he thought I was so cool.

Also today on campus they played the game show win it in a minute. I got called up but got out on the first one, which was lame because I could've easily done some of the other ones, but using a straw and my breath to move as many skittles into a separate bowl was not my strong point. It was still fun though and entertaining to watch. I wish I had brought my camera so I could've got a picture of me up there but I didn't think I'd be a contestant!


Buddy said...

You should go to the haunted mill. It's not too far from Rexburg and is a pretty good scare. I've been to it twice

Straw said...

Thanks for coming out to The Straw Maze! We're glad you had a good time & you're right, it does get pretty scary when it's haunted.

Taylor Family said...

Fun stuff. I love straw mazes, especially the haunted ones.