Monday, November 8, 2010

15 things you probably don't care to know about me.

1. I like to sleep with flat pillows (like inch thick) and only one of them. More pillows just get in the way.
2. I can blow spit bubbles with my tongue. I know, it's a true talent you are all jealous of.
3. While I like hamburger in spaghetti and hamburger helper I've never had a hamburger or eaten a taco made of hamburger. That combination makes me sick.
4. When I was little I was afraid of our linoleum kitchen floor and would only walk on it if I was wearing socks or shoes.
5. I have an uncanny memory for stupid things that irrelevant the majority of the time. Like what someone was wearing at a particular activity, what we ate, the exact day of some activity 5 years ago, phone numbers, birthdays. If only i could apply this memory to school...
6. I didn't have a cell phone all of high school.
7. I once didn't shave my legs for 2 months. They resembled a teenage boys.
8. I've had 5 parasites. Don't drink the water in a foreign country.
9. In the last 3 years I haven't bought one pair of jeans for full price. How cheap am i?
10. I can't sleep in anymore. I'm generally always awake at 8:30
11. I have small obsessions. As previously posted I have over 40 tubes of nail polish and around 75 pairs of earrings.
12. I have hiked the tallest peak in waterton.
13. I'm 21 and never been kissed.... okay that's a lie I'm just running out of things to say.
14. I suck the last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Want not waste not.
15. I want to go to india and be taught yoga by a real yoga master on top of a mountain


Money and Moni said...

I have to admit I let out a guffaw at #13.. haha... Fun list! I might have to do this. It's been funny watching this go through everyone's blogs, from megans to katelyns to ranaes to yours :)

Tina Heggie said...


Taylor Family said...

I laughed remembering you and the linoleum and thinking of you doing yoga on a mountain in India :)

nana said...

I love learning things I didn't know about you.

Scott said...

Number 12 is my favourite, of course. I also laughed at number 13.