Sunday, November 21, 2010

guilt trip

Madison gave me the guilt trip for not putting a picture of her up on my pictures of things i love. So i decided to dedicate a blog post to her.

Madison is...
|The biggest sweetheart in the whole world|
|So strong in the gospel. She knows what she believes and isn't afraid to share it|
|Smart. We excuse her few blonde moments. :P |
|Beautiful. Inside and out.|
|Good at making others feel good about themselves|
|Positive. Even if things aren't going her way|
|Humble. She pretends like she isn't that great, when really she is amazing|
|my sister and i love her|


Emme said...

your sister is SO gorgeous! and so are you!

Madison Beazer said...

Chan I think that was the best post you ever made, and yes maybe because it was all about me! ;) haha. But how did you know I needed some major cheerin up? You are the bestest sister ever and I love you— a LOT! :)