Wednesday, November 10, 2010

family matters

Well I might just be a little biased but I think my family is pretty awesome.

Rod and Debbie were married 32 Years ago. They raised 6 fabulous kids.

Mark and Adria have been married for almost 7 years and have 3 kids and one on the way.
They probably have the cutest kids ever. The set the bar high. They live in Georgia were Mark is working for UPS. ( I couldn't find a picture of all of them)

Then there is buddy and becky or "Bucky" and their baby Chase. They live in Tennessee where Bud is going to school to become an eye doctor. Side note. Until i was about 10 years old I had no idea buddy's real name was Roderick.

Crystal and brandon and their chub of love, Jayden, who live in sunny california where brandon sells products for NuSkin.
Then there is Mitch, just mitch. He goes to school at BYU and is joining the national gaurd. yah he's cool like that.

Next and most important is ME! and anyone who is reading this blog doesn't really need me to say anything about myself cause they should already know.

Last but not least is little baby madison. She is living in Georgia with adria and mark. With my fingers crossed she and I will hopefully be attending school together this winter, which makes me so excited because I just think she is the greatest. and Absolutely stunning.

Silly me, I had previously forgot about Eric. While he isn't my real brother he fits in here some how. I mean, once you live with a family for 8 years it just kind of happens. Eric was an exchange student from taiwan that has ended up living with us for the last 8 years and just recently got baptized. Pretty cool.


jennica said...

eric didn't get a blurb.

nana said...

Chan, you are so awesome, no wonder we love you so much. That was a sweet post about the family.

chan said...

Jennica. You are right, how foolish of me. I'm fixing that ASAP

Angie said...

I love your family. I was always envious of how close you were. Love you guys!