Monday, November 15, 2010


Day 8- places I've been.

Well I've been all over the states. Most of them have been just drive through since we've driven from canada to florida. But ones i've actually visited or lived for an extended period of time are
I've been to ecuador where I worked in orphanages for 3 months.
I went to paris and visited Jennica while she was doing a study abroad
This is the palace of versailles. The fence is made of gold. and so it a lot of the trimming outside of the castle. I can only imagine how much gold is on the inside as well. Then a picture with the eiffel tower. I never knew at night it was illuminated blue and every hour on the hour after dark it blinks flashing lights. It's beautiful.
Here we are in portland. I went on a road trip with megan and kristin for a missionary homecoming. We also stopped in seattle, but we didn't take many pictures.
Virginia where I lived with my sister and her family. I worked in the cutest coffee shop and also a bakery sandwich shop. I love and miss virginia.
Last year my room mates and i went to yellowstone national park. It was pretty but I think waterton is prettier.

I've been to north California for Jennica's wedding in may. I pretty much fell in love with this part of california. It was so much different then I thought it would be.
Ones I don't have pictures of would be dallas/houston texas. My aunts live there and we used to go and visit every year. Love it.
My grandma lived in florida so we would go spend some time at her place catching lizards, going to disneyworld, and hitting up the beach.
Along the way we'd stop in georgia to visit my Aunt carol. I loved catching frogs in the lake that was by their place.
And I went to whistler BC once for a choir concert. It was really pretty and apparently it has the greatest snowboarding resort ever.
And I've bee to mexico. My foreign exchange student was from there so I went back home with her for 2 weeks.

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Emme said...

wow, quite the traveler! i'm jealous!