Sunday, May 8, 2011

Families are the Best

I know it's mother's day and this post should be dedicated to mothers, but how can I not write about my awesome family when my brothers and their sweet little families are all here for the week.

It's been such a beautiful morning. There has been nothing sweeter then sitting in the living room with the sun shining thru the window and just enjoying one another's company. I wish this moment could last forever and that Adria Mitch and Madison could be here to make the picture complete. We have one oclock church, which is like death since it takes forever to come. I've only been up for 2 hours but yet it's seems like a full day. Good thing my family is here to keep me entertained. My niece Jadyn just loves Chase and keeps trying to kiss him, which he just isn't in to yet. Hopefully it stays that way for the next 23 years. And with Jadyn, well there might not be any hope for her.

Anybody who has been to my house has heard my dog hack. (yes it's appropriate I talk about her in the family post) She's about 16 years old and is on her last leg of life, and she looks and sounds it. My brother Brandon was like when people ask Jadyn what a dog says she's going to go "hack hack." It was pretty hilarious and very true.

Now for mother's day. I have a pretty bomb mom. I know everyone thinks that their mom's are the best and they probably are. Mom's are so special. All of them have amazing qualities. I could make a list of all my mom's qualities and claim she is the best, but it's almost a guarantee that anyone who reads it would see a mirror of their mom. Mom's are the most selfless people. They devote so much to their families. They sacrifice their bodies, time, and sanity to raise a family. They are such great examples of Christ. They are loyal, compassionate, trust worthy, a friend, selfless, loving, caring, charitable and may other things. Where would we be without mothers. I can only imagine a world where we were raised by men in stead of woman. I think it would be slightly chaotic.

Happy Mothers Day. and cheers to a forever family.


Shelby Weston said...

I love the Beazer family! :) and can I just say that mama Beazer is looking so so gorgeous!

jaron said...

wow chanel you got some cute niece's and nephew's your probably the best annte in their eyes

Taylor Family said...

Did mom lay a piece of carpet over her carpet? I wish I could be there too. Talking to mom this morning made me a little homesick knowing almost all of you were there as well. You forgot to miss Mitch!