Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey Mr. Wilson!

Today I feel like Dennis the Menace's parents. You know the scene where they are trying to find a babysitter for Dennis and they are going down the phonebook and keep getting rejected. Well that's what I feel like my morning has been like. I'm the regional director for Cardston for the summer games. I'm suppose to get people to be the chairmen in various sports. So I spent a good hour just going through the phonebook trying to get ahold of people that might be able to help me. It wasn't so successful. I'd rather just take all the responsibility and not call anymore people. oh well.

Also today I did something a little embarrassing. I went to Extra Foods and ran into the Assistant manager. I stopped to talk to him and told him that I work with his wife all the time at the town office. Then I did something stupid I said "oh and are you guys having another baby?" He was like Heck no we've already got four kids, that's more then enough. YIKES.
Please Please Please have the common sense to not tell your wife I said that. She'll dislike me more then she already does (since I have to bother her with all of greg's requests, that are sometimes difficult to meet. Like printing a booklet with all different colors of paper and in a very particular order.) In my defense she looks like she has a cute little baby belly. She's a skinny girl and I swear within a week it looked like it popped out more. What else was I to think?

Well and it may come to no surprise to anyone that one of the highlights of my week was playing rook on saturday night at Denny's. Pretty sure the waitress hated us. Not just because we played rook but because she thought we were stupid and she made sure we knew it. No tip for you.

I'm so glad I never have to do Jr. High again. I don't think there would be enough money to even pay me to be a teacher there. I had to return to those dreaded hallways today to talk to the gym teacher about summer games. I've never been so intimidated. Why would kids younger then me intimidate me so much? Maybe it's the fact that they were trendier then I was, bore into my soul with a little smirk on their face (I felt like a loser), and they were so loud and almost obnoxious. Yup I'm glad that stage of life is over with. I feel sorry for any young person who is enduring it right now. I don't really have any encouraging words.

And here is a picture of my adorable niece. I have a feeling she won't smile like that around me anymore since I'm pretty sure my night of babysitting traumatized her. It's not like I'm bad with kids, she just didn't want to go to sleep, and cried for a long time and I wasn't her mom so she didn't want to look at or be held by me. So I let the stroller hold her and took her for a walk and now she is sleeping soundly. Fingers crossed tonights sleep resets her memory and she'll love me again.


Crystal & Brandon said...

you are the best babysitter ever!!!

Kelsey said...

okay your post always kill me. seriously, i am still laughing. and your niece is adorable! miss you!


jaron said...

shes so cut :)