Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dating 101

If you want to read some interesting opinions on the dating world on how guys see it I'd suggest reading Blaine and Ryan's blogs. Seriously take a look you won't regret it. Maybe you'll even recognize yourself in some of the experiences and behaviors they tell about. I know I did.

I guess I'll add my own little thoughts on dating. Nothing to crazy. Just an opinion that I've developed after talking to various girls and guys at BYU-I (so maybe it's just partial to BYU-I? Who knows) I have had great room mates. Really pretty fun room mates. I've been friends with amazing girls who any guy should be thrilled to just have the opportunity to talk to. But yet, they are single and don't get asked on dates. The biggest question they have is WHY?

Then I talk to boys about girls. And they will describe to me the girls they want to date and eventually marry. And what do you know?! They describe the very girls I'm friends with. So in my head it's not adding up. Then I started noticing the type of girls these guys were asking out on dates and they were NOTHING like the girls they had previously described. So I'm thinking they are the hugest hypocrites and that they don't know what they want.

After more thinking and talking I've come to this conclusion. Guys of course want the perfect girl to marry. But the thing is they will pass up opportunities to date those perfect girls because.... THEY ARE AFRAID TO GET MARRIED. Because of this they will date girls that don't have the qualities they want. Guys think they are "safe" from marriage if they do this. Then what happens? Boys date girls with qualities they didn't really like and then they fall in love and all the sudden they are married. Just what they didn't want and to girls they never thought they would've married.

So then you have girls like my room mates or other friends who are so awesome and want to get married but because of this they have a hard time landing a date. Or at least a second date with that guy. Then as girls we internalize this and think we need to be like these other girls so guys will date us. Tragedy right?

Okay that's my rant. Enjoy this poster I saw at BYU-I.


Kelsey said...

oh this is a really great post. ally and i had this exact conversation today, only it took us an hour and half to figure it out. miss you girl hope home is awesome! xoxo

Leah said...

WOW did I love this honesty! SO STUPIDLY TRUE! ha and i JUST had this conversation with a good friend too. it's a sad sad world we live in :o)

Taylor Family said...

When are those guys going to listen to their YM leaders. It really is true that you marry who you date. Come on guys, it isn't rocket science!