Tuesday, August 30, 2011

as of lately.

I think one of my least favorite parts of blogging is creating a title for my blog.
Some people are super creative and funny. Mine are always dumb.
Now that I've pointed it out it's probably all people will focus on when they read but whatever.
SO I'm just going to catch up on my life, minus the Cali trip.
Only because I have no pictures to show you how awesome it was.
This year the pool did a pirate float. I was designated the mermaid. Originally the plan was to wrap me around a pole at the front. So glad that didn't happen.

Best girls ever.
Bridal showers are so risque. Although this was the most fun I've ever had.
After the bridal shower we slept on the pool floor.
Sometimes you are lucky enough to work with girls like this.
Oh just another hiking picture. I promise it's not all I do.
I love Bethany. She is almost a replica of me. She was game for doing all the same things as me. like going on 26 k Bike rides and hiking every chance we could.
At the pool I got EXTREMELY bored. So I decided to make friendship bracelets to speed up the time. Because of this I didn't play solitaire for OVER a week. I don't think anyone understands how big of a deal that was. Except for maybe one family that comes into the pool regularily and would always tease me about playing solitaire. They were so proud of me when they found out I was going on a solitaire fast and would ask me everyday if I had played and then give me a high five and encouraging words when I told them I hadn't. I loved my support team.
I also love friendship bracelets. I've made so many.

Embarrassing story time.
We were going hot tubbing and it was dark outside. There were 5 boys already in the hot tub and no girls yet. I was the first one ready to enter the waters. I already felt super awkward as I dropped my towel and felt like everyone's eyes were on me as I walk over.
So I want to make it less painful and get into the water ASAP.
Next thing I know I'm doing a face plant into the water.
Apparently there was about a 8 inch gap between the porch and hot tub and one foot fell right thru leaving me with that lovely bruise. And the other was on the hot tub which helped me stay up but resulted in my face plant. It was AWESOME.

There you have it.


Sydney said...

You are the hottest mermaid ever! I'm sorry about the bruise. I'm fairly certain however, that you were graceful as you fell into the hot tub. That's how I envision it anyway.

jennica said...

I love you as a mermaid! And for my bday! I want a friendship bracelet from you! can you make that happen? love you!

Anthony Asplund said...

Nice bruise! haha heal up soon!

karleerenae said...

I just wish I had an embarrassing moment as good as that one!