Monday, August 15, 2011

Timing is everything.

This is a double purpose post.
It's music monday so I will share a song
And my song for today relates to what I've wanted to write about for the past week.
True story. I have an idea of what I want to blog about and I put it off, claiming I'm to busy to write it now even though I'm just playing solitaire or some other lame excuse.
And then you know what??
One of my friends blogs about the same thing and then I feel like a copy cat.
Ally Mullin I promise I'm not copying you. It just so happens that you took the words right out of my mouth.

From the Country Strong soundtrack.
My fav lyrics from the song are:

I remember that day
When our eyes first met
You ran into the building to get out of the rain
Cause you were soaking wet
And as I held the door
You wanted to know my name
Timing is everything

And I could've been another minute late
And you'd never would've crossed my path that day
And when it seems true love is hard to find
That's when lvoe comes along
Just in time.
You can call it fate, or destiny
Sometimes it really seems like it's a mystery.

There have been a few experience the last week that are small but timing was everything.

Like this one time I was about to leave my house to ride my bike and I ran back inside to tell my mom something and then went on my way. Just a block into my ride I was crossing the street and a car was stopping for me when a guy popped his head and asked where the hospital was.
I'm sure he would've found someone else on the street who could tell him but it was probably convenient that I was on my bike crossing the street at the exact moment.

Another time on my bike. I was getting ready to go back to work and guarantee I always forget things and end up walking back into my house 50 times before I actually leave.
Also I went down a road I usually don't go on. But I'm so glad I did because pulling out of the church parking lot just as I was riding by was a friend I hadn't seen for 3 years.
Now we've hung out a few times this summer and it's been awesome. SO....

Last one. I was taking the pool's bank deposit to the bank and before I left I grabbed a handful of cherries and I told the girls that when I got back I'd have a cherry stem tying contest.
One of the girls said she could do it in seconds so I stopped to have one right then.
As I left the pool and was crossing the street an acquaintance of mine stopped at the cross walk and then started talking to me. We'd only hung out like 2-3 times before over the last 3 summers. But because of timing I helped him fulfill a life long goal to hike chief mountain.

It just boggles my mind sometimes. And those are just little insignificant experiences but they just remind me that God is truly mindful of us and what we are doing. For all I know that guy was praying he'd run into someone who could tell him where the hospital was.
I know I've enjoyed hanging out with those people I haven't seen in years and it's all because of timing that it happened.
It helps me look at the bigger picture that God sees. Things will fall into place when they should.
They always do. Like Ally's quote on her blog says "Faith in God, includes faith in his timing"
Sometimes I just want things to happen right now or right when I want it. But I don't see the bigger picture. So I guess I'll just be patient and wait it out!

P.S. Check out the new button on the side of my page compliments of Janeen Dittmann.
The HTML code is on her page for anyone who wishes to add it.

P.S.S. I'm sorry if I offend any PC users, but they are useless. Whenever I blog at work I have GINORMOUS gaps between all my sentences. It drives me crazy. I go home and delete all the unnecessary spaces that this computer thought I needed.


jennica said...

You are so wonderful Chan. Your posts are so uplifting or just super funny! i love you bff.

AllyM said...

seriously. i love you. cant wait to see your face.

simply jane said...

yaayy the button! I'm so proud of myself. And you. And i love this song and country strong. and your blog. that is alll. =)

Melissa Stevens said...

Your posts are always so great! And Um I need to watch country strong again because I love it and it's just been too long.
Timing really is everything. I've been thinking alot about it as well this week. Thank you for this!