Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monterey Round One.

Have I got a blog post for you.
I'm going to try and break this down into multiple posts so that I can upload more pictures and go into greater detail without writing a 5 page blog post.
First I'll do our first weekend in Monterey.
My brother is in the National Guard in Monterey studying Chinese and since I was in the neighborhood I thought I'd drop by and visit.
We went kayaking in the ocean.
If you are ever in monterey and want to spend the best $30 of your life go kayaking on the ocean.
You can rent the kayaks for as long as you want, they just have to be back by 6.
While kayaking you can look at sea lions and otters, starfish, and pelicans. 
It was amazing cause the sea lions would be right next to your kayak and then disappear under it and come up on the other side. Not gonna lie I was afraid they would tip me over.
There were HUGE plants in the ocean. My worst nightmare of tipping over and get caught in it was a possibility.
 Fastest kayakers. Probably because I've got the black guy and they are good at everything.

The next day we went to Big Sur National park and hiked a mountain that I can't remember the name of. But let me tell you the 45 minute drive there was PHENOMENAL. We drove along unaccessible coast lines. It was like the stuff you see in the movies. Huge rocks off the shore that waves crash against, beautiful blue waters, and white sandy beaches. Plus the houses along the way were to die for. Someday, I will own a house by the beach.
Can you see that coast?! 
 Who wouldn't want to live in this area.
 At the top. Who knew this kind of scenery was in California. I thought they only had beaches, palm trees, and girls who wore daisy dukes with bikinis on top.
The whole gang.

So at the top of this mountain you were suppose to be able to see the whole coast that you just drove along but one down fall of the Monterey area is that the fog rolls in at any time it wants. And that's just what it did. When we got to the top at 3:00 in the afternoon the ocean was covered in fog so we couldn't see it. But I can imagine it from the drive and it was still beautiful.


jaron said...

chanel you and mitch are the coolest hope you had a sweet time in California

jennica said...

oh i love monterey! and i have been to the aquarium behind your kayaking picture! its so fun. and so beautiful. isn't it amazing that california can have heat, beaches, shopping, and hiking. seriously.. won't bee too mad if we end up living there. ha k call me later this week!