Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A To Z: W

Well well well. W it is.
I can't believe my alphabet blog is almost done. 
I've really enjoyed doing it despite how hard it was sometimes.
Today I watched Water for Elephants.
I had heard negative reviews about it and really wasn't a fan of watching it.
But it was my room mates birthday so I couldn't crash it.
Surprisingly I really enjoyed it.
It did make me a little sad because there was a lot of animal cruelty.
But I imagine that was/is real life for a circus animal.
It also made me wish I had grown up in the 20's and 30's, just minus the depression. 
The girls were always in fun beautiful gowns, with curly hair and diamonds.
The men wore tailored suits and vests and suspenders. 
Most importantly they knew actual dances.
If I was a 20's girl I totally would've been a flapper
 Tell me this does not look like fun?
Hello, I was so meant to be born in the 20's and dance in long fancy gowns with handsome men.

Also just a random side note I've noticed about myself.
I often spell me instead of my, of instead of or, and who instead of how.
It seriously drives me crazy. I post my blog and then I view it and reread it (maybe I should start rereading it before hand) and I always find those simple mistakes
So I apologize when you read my blogs and you can't understand what I'm saying or I sound like a pirate when I say something like "when you read me blogs"

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