Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wow. California just gets better and better.
I've had the most amazing time down here and am so glad I came.
Brandon, crystal, and Jay Jay, I wish you lived closer because it would be a lot easier to visit. 
Seeing you would make the trip complete.
I really want to write about everything I've done but Kambri has all the pics on her camera and I just can't post about all the awesome things we've done without showing pictures.
So here is another picture by the pool because about 75 percent of our day is spent around it.


jaron said...

life would be boring if we didn't have fun from time to time. oh ya and you like good in this photo :)

Taylor Family said...

Mark's there right now to and said if it weren't for the taxes and he was paid at least $500 000 at his job he'd move there in a heartbeat.

Anthony Asplund said...

Northern California is awesome! I love visiting my northern neighbors.