Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pool Days

Like I said in previous posts, we spent a lot of time by the pool.
Remember that time I posted a video about skin cancer and how I was never going out in the sun again?
Well I think I had a memory lapse and forgot all about it.
In my defense I did put on SPF 15 almost every day, which is better then usual.
And I put SPF 30 on some of my moles for extra protection.
Maybe I'm okay now?
Anyway the majority of the pool time was spent just lounging around soaking up the sun.
The pool was freezing so we didn't spend to much time in there, only to cool off and take a few underwater pictures. I think my next camera will be an underwater one. They are awesome.
 Classic feet in front of the pool shot
Fair amount of the gang.
People tell me I look like chinese grandma. I no see what they talking about.


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