Tuesday, August 14, 2012


First things first.
You need to listen to the artist Shelly Fraley. 
If you like artists like Ingrid Michaelson, colbie caillat or Rosie Golan you will like her.
You can find free downloads of her music on line (Although it's not for all of her songs, but some good ones) and there is a music player where you can listen to the majority of her stuff found HERE
My Personal favorites are almost all of them. But to narrow it down I'd pick, seize the day, on her way, be brave, hi hi hi, crush, and Just don't want to be alone. (That was very hard to narrow down.)
Seriously, stop reading and go check her out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I love writing and getting notes in crossword puzzles

We have a pretty good time writing the notes and having competitions to see who can finish them first or get certain words.

Going back to Shelly Fraley. 
These lyrics describe a good portion of how I feel and would like to share with a certain someone else.
Seize the Day (Shelly Fraley, BMI)When you find your home is not your own, a bitter end took all you know. If along the way the wars we've waged, take us down a little ways,
Gotta let go. Gotta let go. Gotta let go and seize the day.
When you find your back against the wall, feeling broke and so dang small. When the fury's rising in your chest, from a bitter soul who took your best,
Gotta let go. Gotta let go. Gotta let go and seize the day.
When the doors are closing one by one, you can't hide, no you can't run. When the love you knew has gone away, you hold so tight but still it fades,
Gotta let go. Gotta let go. Gotta let go and seize the day.

This has been one of the best summers of my life.


Erika said...

Okay I love everything about this! I adore Ingrid and Colbie and Rosi so I am definitely digging the new music suggestion! I love that you and your mom write notes back and forth, and I agree, this has been the best summer ever! I can't wait to kick it with you this weekend,

Taylor Family said...

I wish Clayton could understand that last quote. Boy is he having a hard time so far this year with school.

Becky Beazer said...

you neglected to tell everywhere where you guys are when you write these cute notes in the crossword puzzles... :)

Boy said...

ok, so JUST got around to listening to the artist you linked, and I must say it is quite enjoyable.
Very relaxing.
Also, crossword puzzles are so fun, but are also usually stinkin' hard!