Sunday, August 5, 2012

Judging a book by it's cover.

Readers beware.
This post might make you think twice about checking out a book at the library.
No I'm not going to tell me about all the germs that are likely on your library book or anything gross like that. 
It has occurred to me that you can discover a lot about a person by the books they read.
Sometimes maybe too much and sometimes probably nothing at all, just rash judgements. (Judging a book (person) by a cover.. Clever yah?)
But it has become a sort of game for me when all the books that have been placed on hold by patrons, come in from various libraries to guess who has put the books on hold before I scan them into the computer.
There is a lady who loves to read those really mushy gushy romance novels. I can always guess which books are going to be for her. I don't know her but I like to think she's an older single lady and is living her life vicariously thru these romance books, I would probably do the same. 
I see books come in that are titled "How to boost your metabolism and keep the weight off forever" And I "assume" that person is concerned about their weight and trying to change that.
I know when a parent is trying to potty train their kids or teach them manners.
I know who wants to learn how to sew and is looking for tips on hair care.
There have even been a few occasions when I've learned who wants babies and who doesn't.
I try not to be to judgmental as I'm checking in the books and movies but it's really hard because you really do get a look at what people are interested in and what might be going on in their lives.
When I give people their books I'll sometimes ask them about them. Like if they are going on a trip to France because they just checked out 5 books about all the sights in France. I then learn all about their other travels or the ancestors they have over there.
I talk to people about cooking and some of their favorite recipes or learn about all the various quilts they have stitched.
It's actually kind of fun to get to know about people in this way.
So here's what the books I've read this summer say about me.
Nightingale by Susan Warren- I'm an old soul, interested in knowing more about World War II. Okay mostly I was just interested in the Love story, between an American Nurse and a German soldier/doctor.
Seriously I'm kidding, By Ellen DeGeneres. This one I think says I like to laugh and not take life to seriously. Her book really does make you laugh out loud. It also makes you think though. Usually the first page or so of the chapter is just Ellen rambling on about something making you laugh, but then she ties it all together in the last paragraph and you get so much out of it.
The Summer I turned pretty By Jenny Han. I haven't started this one yet. I don't really know what it says about me. Maybe just that I'm hoping it'll give me some tips on how to turn pretty this summer? I just heard it was a good book from a co-worker so I thought why not.
Forgotten. By Cat Patrick- This is about a girl who doesn't remember her past, only future events. Maybe it's a metaphor for my life. Wanting to forget about some things that have happened in the past and wanting to be able to see the future, to see what happens in my life. That would maybe be cool for a day but then I would want to forget about it and have life be a mystery again.
All the books I've read really don't say that much about me in all honesty. Non-fiction books do it better and Ellen's is the only one that I read. But I did just give you a list of some books you might want to look into. 


Jeff and Brit said...

I LOVED "The Summer I Turned Pretty". It is one of my favourites and I couldn't put it down!

Taylor Family said...

I remember working at the drug store and trying not to be judgemental of people by the prescription drugs they were getting, especially Viagra. Ha!