Saturday, August 25, 2012


These pictures are all on facebook.
I just put them on here for my family that doesn't have facebook (Yes there is still people that don't) and keeps up with my life via my blog.
 We went hiking and naturally you have to reward yourself with ice cream

 Hiking akamina. Seriously beautiful.
 The unfortunate souls I convinced to come with me. The one next to me was not impressed. We haven't talked since this fateful day.
 This little butterfly could not leave me alone. He sat on my foot for a good 20 mins in total.
 I also coaxed him onto my nose. I've always wanted to take a pic with a butterfly on my nose for some reason.
 Jumping into the mountain creek.
 Story time. I decided I wanted to take a picture of my sitting in the tree because it's the perfect spot to sit right? So I'm trying to find a way to get up there and I notice a group of people forming behind me. I'm kind of thinking like "did you seriously have to take a break right now? I'm so embarrassed cause I can't get myself into this tree" Finally get myself up there and just as I'm posing for the picture a lady behind me says "An interesting fact about this tree"... I soon realized that she was giving a tour and I just became a part of it. Just made me slightly more embarrassed then before.
 We hiked summit. Usually you can see a pretty sweet view from the top, but not that day. I was standing in a giant cloud and you can see it all behind me. It was neat seeing the cloud flow over the mountain cause on the other side the sun was shining and it was HOT. But it was like 10 degrees cooler on the other side.
 Just a lovely scenery shot.
 Sam OWNED that mountain obviously. He probably could've hiked it backwards.
 Dad, Eric, and I at goat lake. Another story. We were just walking along on the trail talking when I heard a branch snap so I kind of paused and looked in that direction. Thru the trees about 20 feet away I see a black bear standing on it's hind legs. DUN DUN DUN. So I tell me dad and Eric. And we get a little excited nervous and quietly walked past it. Then the bear started running at us, bearing his teeth so my dad grabs a huge stick to defend us and eric started crying like a baby and I started praying...okay that's all a lie. Nothing happened. He just watched us walk by.
I look at this picture and think how can you not love to hike. The views are incredible.

Okay that's some of my summer in review. Other fun highlights have been.
Ashley Lake with 30 Young Single adults.
Hiking Chief Mountain with Devin Austin and Becky.
Countless Rook nights.
Golfing with friends and family. I got my first birdie!
Kimbers wedding. SO BEAUTIFUL.
Seeing Jennica and Karli again.
Going to Walley's Beach.
The Pollock Frollock.
Going to Global fest in Calgary.
Picnic party in Calgary.
Sleeping on the trampoline.
Having all my family come home.
To be Continued.


Boy said...

Seriously got excited when you started the story about the bear.
Then all my hopes and dreams were dashed.
I hope you're pleased.

Becky Beazer said...

We liked that story about the bear, too. It would have been more believable if you said your dad and eric cried like babies while YOU tried to defend everyone with a stick :)