Monday, July 4, 2011

Every time You Lie.

I promise I'm not being a copy cat Janeen.
I had really intended to blog about this topic all of last week.
I agree with the words she said and want to add my own and on kind of a different line.

Why is it that the people we trust the most are the most likely to lie to us?
I maybe have an answer. Or I may not.

I feel like we lie because we care about that person.
We think we are some how "helping" them by not being honest.
Like the question "Does this dress make me look fat?"
We feel we are being a good friend by saying no when really it might not only make them
look fat but it's also a terrible color on them.
Would a good friend let a friend go out looking like that?
I don't think so.

I'm sure we've all been lied to a number of times.
You think we'd get used to it.
Apparently that's not what happens.
Because finding out the truth a year later, still sucks.
You'd think that since it's so far in the past it wouldn't even matter.
But it does.
I wish they'd told the truth in the beginning.
It feels like they never cared at all.
Instead of trying to protect my feelings they just made it worse.

I'm not going to lie. I've lied to protect someone I care about.
But with this experience I've realized I'm not protecting anyone.
My friend might be a little offended that I told her the dress looked ridiculous on her.
But at the end of the day she will probably thank me for not letting her go out
in public wearing it.
You know what I mean?
How true are those words.
Often we tell one lie to avoid getting in trouble or hurting someone's feelings.
That one lie leads to more lies.
Then you have a tangled web full of people who are hurt and no longer trust you.
Just one more reason to be honest.
Anyway. Point is, I'm more determined to tell the truth now.


Taylor Family said...

You're going on a mission! Yeah!!!!!!!!

simply jane said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this. =)