Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toss up

I've recently become a fan of vampire diaries right?
Along with that I've become a fan of Damon and Stefen Salvatore.
I just can't decide which one of them I'm a bigger fan of.

Exhibit A.Damon AKA Ian Somerhalder
The darker more cycnical Salvatore brother.
I can see why most people wouldn't like Damon.
He doesn't really care who dies and is rude.
But he is so witty and charsimatic that I can't help but love him.
And his piercing blue eyes and boyish grin don't hurt either.
And deep down I know he cares about people and doens't want to kill anymore.

Exhibit B

Stefan AKA Paul Wesley
Stefan is opposite of Damon.

He wants peace and happiness in Mystic Falls.
He is kind, loving, and sensitive.
But in the show he seems kind of a deadbeat, doesn't like to have fun or be crazy.
He's not too funny most the time either.
But like with Damon, look at that face. It's perfection.
And what girl doesn't love a guy with a sensitive side?

And for you men here is some eye candy.
Elena Aka Nina Dobrev
She is the Salvatore brothers love interest.
Ironically in the show she is in love with Stefan but in real life she is dating Ian Somerhalder. I I think that's kind of funny.


Leah said...

WHAT they're dating?? HOW did I not know that. thank you for sharing! seriously such a hard debate. I'd just settle for both. Ya that'd be ok with me :o)

Ben & Cassie said...

OMG CHANEL!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT DECIDE---STELANA FOREVER!!! Stephan is so sweet and amazing and loving and protective...omg have you watched the season finale season 2 yet? I died! Im so glad you are hooked because I just watched it this summer and then made Jen watch it and I think it's my new favorite show....Stephan is the best, he has to be broody because he has to be responsible...daman is nice and has the hot crazy eyes but not for elana...kind of embarrased about this comment by now but im still gonna leave it!

Madison Beazer said...

I just love damon more. Sad but true. Though I do like stephan's looks a bit more, actually I don't even know anymore. I think I'm just an all around damon lover now. Also I'm truly upset that you are not home right now because I really wanted to watch one before you left for work. Now I will just have to watch one all by my lonesome self because I have no self control like you do when it comes to vdpr, but you can watch it tonight before you go to bed. :)

jennica said...

Ok so I agree with Cassie, Stefan and Elena are the best together! But I do just love love love Damon. He is so funny and I do love the crazy eyes! YAY for VD. so so good!

jaron said...

the shows great but i'm not a super fan like you chanel

Jeff and Brit said...

OOOOO! Love this show! I can't wait till it comes on again! I have to say Damon gets me everytime ha. He the hot bad boy. MMMmm